Mole National Park, Larabanga, Ghana 2017

for times of hardship and hurting;

when they’re trying to make you clip your wings, when they are trying to tear you apart – let it break you. but build.
build so that you’ll look back to a broken fundament but have the certainty of an empire waiting for you to move in and rule your world.
let it break you, you’re human and let’s not act as if all things just do not matter.
let’s stop pretending we’re oh so tough. the fakeness can be seen and heard. being tough includes being human.
let it break you, but build. – just a small reminder.
that “idgaf” and “no fs given” and “I never cared” shit is out.
it’s 13 year olds getting their shit together, figuring out who they are and what emotions are and do to them trying to block anything unfamiliar or scary – what’s scarier than truth and what’s to do when the norm tells you to act cold and cool?
we grown. we haven’t seen it all yet. but it’s an unhealthy sign if you’re using the same methods your 13 year old self used.

break those norms. be vulnerable. have no shame showing it.
strength lies in being human – not acting inhuman. 

bless! – Anja


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