out of all the compliments that people can give women* and girls* they choose to say “she*’s going to be a beautiful wife“.

out of all the visions and dreams that people can bring closer to the little ones minds, they choose to infiltrate their minds and bodies with the sickness of a patriarchal world, with the thought that “becoming a good wife” is the ultimate goal – marrying, looking “pretty”, cooking food that pleases the families – kind of good wife.

babies, you’re going to be amazing writers, wonderful scientists, amazing astronauts, the strongest physicians, soulful musicians, passionate lawyers, impactful educators, honest speakers, the best chefs, trustworthy managers, innovative technicians, original designers, good politicians, important activists, powerful kindergarteners and whatever you put your mind to!
and:  all of that is not in the way of you becoming a good woman* for yourself and others, ever. not in friendship, sisterhood, marriage or any other relation there is.

remember and remind the little ones.

in reflection and love,
Anja Saleh.


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