DIVERSITY. a term I cannot stand any more.
it is so worn out, like.. well, nothing really because we bring everything old back and just label it new.
so it goes with this term, diversity. basically another term for “quota”.

we preach diversity and its beauty. I’ve seen so many protest pictures with people holding signs that read “diversity”. I mean, thanks for taking it to the streets (don’t confuse it with the real job that needs to be done by us all, tho).
but diversity? are we a flowerbed? no, really? diversity and then?

diversity voted – diversity voted shit – diversity is threatened – diversity is demanded.

is that how it works? I say: that’s not how it works. my suggestion: f*ck diversity and speak up for INCLUSION.
because inclusion would’ve given those in need the education they need.
poor white folks and folks of color.

the focus on inclusion, real inclusion could have made things a bit easier, because people’s minds wouldn’t be so easy to f*ck with (yes, I use the f-word a lot here, if that bothers you but the amount of truth in this piece doesn’t, you truly are a big part of the problem).

inclusion could have kept folks of color from feeling like they’d need to make the whitest decisions ever to feel like belonging and therefore even partially banning themselves out of their country. banning their families out of it, threatening themselves.
(that’s the price you pay for being a snitch but considering the US situation right now idgaf about you and worry about the thousands of people who didn’t kiss ass for the sake of feeling white for a day. the reality of how brown you are must’ve crawled up your back and almost choked you the past days, huh?)

inclusion wouldn’t have made fear such a firm part of every excuse you get for racism, because it would’ve allowed people to just be a part of society. a real part of society, no quota. and stupid statements about certain groups of people would be impossible to infiltrate the mind..because we’d all know better.

but the people responsible for the “diversity” badge on your school flag are rather marginalized, living in places that we are told not to go to and therefore are easy to label, because we would’t know any better than what mainstream tells us. + we’re lazy f*cks and wouldn’t make the effort to get information or even talk to someone else than our remote control or Facebook timeline.

and Lord knows how much I could add, but the main point of it all is:

INCLUSION goes a long way, DIVERSITY looks good as a website header, as a name accessory, a brand pusher – but it doesn’t go anywhere really. get it?
so yah, F*CK DIVERSITY. We gotta demand INCLUSION.

still love and light!

yours, Anja


6 thoughts on “F*CK DIVERSITY.

  1. Diversity seperates. Inclusion includes. It’s simple. Of course we look different but on the inside we all bleed red. We all cry. We all love. We all laugh. We all get hurt. Diversity is just another form of seperating groups. Instead of including them. Diversity acknowledges different colors, religions – or what not. Inclusion does not care about your color or religion. It cares about bringing us HUMANS together!

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  2. I agree with you! Diversity puts emphasis on the differences between people: skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, gender… you name it! Even though people use the term ‘diversity’ to demonstrate willingness to look over these differences, they’re still highly stressed. Inclusion on the other side, to me signifies more of a broader term that doesn’t look at any of the dividing factors, but purely at human beings. It’s a great text, Anja, and it certainly made me think. Thank you!


  3. liebe das. wundervoller blog, und dieser beitrag berührt etwas ganz tief in mir drin, was ich immer verdrängen wollte. weil ich das gefühl hatte, die gesellschaft will dieses “ding” nicht. ich lese diesen blogeintrag und er hilft mir, mir meine eigenen flügel wieder zu reparieren. mich zu trauen, ich selbst zu sein


    1. Liebe Julia, vielen Dank fürs Lesen und dein Feedback! Es freut mich unheimlich zu hören, dass du wieder Mut schöpsft du selbst zu sein! Aufrichtiges Dankeschön auch fürs Teilen deiner Gedanken dazu und was es in dir bewirkte – bedeutet viel!


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