we are thought of as rebels
as soon as we start to live
the way our insides, and
higher energies dictate
the way we perceive
a livable life
instead of being lead
by forces from the outside.

we are taught to call those
who follow their callings
and their hearts,
those who do not conform
to ready-made labels and boxes
and stand up for the right
to be ourselves
and against all toxic;

we are deluded
and oblivious
of our own delusion.

while, all along, they are just being
the purest form of human
in a world that tries to undermine
true individuality
and aims for absolute uniformity.

we are deluded into an idea
of rebellion and empower
ourselves with a term
that suggests that wanting things
they way they are naturally
is somehow unnatural.

fighting against a system
that rebels against
the human species
and nature as a whole
is not rebellious, it is natural.

– not rebel, human

* raising no claims to completeness

*thoughts and (critical) feedback highly appreciated


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